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I have always loved tiny things. Sewing tiny plushies is just icing on the cake. Making a capsule wardrobe for them became a necessity I couldn't ignore . Working on these made me very happy every step of the way and I'm so proud of the result.


This collection of clothing and accessories was created to fit all my tiny plush patterns. It may fit other toys or characters, especially the simple pieces like the skirt or the bag.

You'll find included 8 differents patterns to sew, a skirt, pants, overalls, a t-shirt, a bag, a bandana, a hat and a vest. Some are very easy, with no sewing involve, some have many steps to sew to get to the finish line.

* This pattern does not include the tiny plush pattern.

Visit here for your tiny plush pattern.


Instructions are illustrated with pictures for the very first time. A description below each image should help you make the clothing. It's new thing I'm trying out, hopefully it will enable me to get more patterns out this year


Basic sewing skills are needed, some patience and dexterity are a plus.

Finishing is limited on these, you can decide to finish the edges with your preferred method, but since it's for very tiny animals I decided a little fraying wouldn't hurt.


Instant download, once you complete your purchase you will have access to the pattern and can start your project immediately.

You will need basic sewing tools. You also need scraps of jersey, cotton and felt, as well as embroidery thread and elastic (4mm).

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