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Tiny sewing is my favourite thing, no wonder this pattern has been a best seller for many years. Freshly re-edited to celebrate its 3rd anniversary.

Elton, Ellie and Lana are three small stuffed animals, a bunny, a teddy bear and a cat. They've been designed to be easy to sew regardless of your level and skills. It's an excellent pattern to start your journey in the world of toy sewing. Quick to sew, it can give you confidence in your abilities and when finished, your new friend's little face will make you smile.


The level of difficulty is easy, adequate for meticulous beginners. This pattern can be sewn by hand or by machine. Choose an easy-to-handle fabric like a quilting cotton, or be brave and try a fluffy fabric as a challenge. Above all, have fun, sew with intention and joy.


A gift for people of all ages, Elton, Ellie and Lana enjoy being with people, going out and sleeping warmly. They know how to cheer up or give courage to those who need it. So don't wait any longer, it's time to sew a tiny plush.

Watch instructions in video here.

The level of sewing required is beginner. It can be sewn by hand or by machine.

Automatic digital download, as soon as your order is finished you will have access to the pattern to start your project immediately.

You will need basic sewing tools. You also need fabric scraps, embroidery thread for the face, and fill.

best seller

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