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Hi, my name is Dominique Dansereau and I would like to welcome you to my little corner of the internet. Please, have a look around, choose a project and make something today (or tomorrow, or any time really – just do it).


For as long as I can remember, sewing has been part of my life, from my first attempt at making a skirt on my mother's sewing machine, to my enrollment in fashion design at CEGEP until I finally found my vocation:  doll making. Making small objects that tell a story with colorful fabrics of all kinds is really my specialty. And now, with this blog, it can become yours too.

the beginning of Dansereau

Almost 12 years ago I started an internship at raplapla, a small Montreal company that manufacture fabric toys. This is where I developed my sewing skills (I wasn't very good at sewing at the time) and my love for rag dolls. At the same time, I launched my first company: Rousskine. I knitted characters and transformed them into fun cushions. But something was missing, I was swimming in the world of dollmaking every day but it wasn't enough.

This is how Dansereau was born, sharing my knowledge became more important to me and the perfect way to continue being creative.  It was with all the knowledge I acquired over the last decade that I developed my first pattern for sale - the little rag doll. Because Dansereau’s mission is above all the sharing of know-how.

the pattern collection

The collection quickly grew with several animals to dress up, then the famous tiny animal plushie in a pouch pattern. When I started my adventure I could never have predicted the success of mini plush toys. It goes without saying that I love sewing miniature things, but I didn't realize how widespread a preference it is. The baby animals were born from this idea too, they are still small but allow you to add a little more detail with their larger size. 

From the beginning my dream was to create a perfect rag doll, the kind of object so beautiful that you keep it for life and pass it down from generation to generation. It was with this vision in mind that I developed Lorie the Classic Rag Doll. Named after my grandmother - Lorraine, nicknamed Lorie in her youth - she is a timeless and customizable doll. 

Billy the sheep was born following a collaboration with 2 designers from the world of textile fibers. It was the organizers of the Twist festival who put us in contact as part of the Twist X designer event. Together we thought of a thematic doll that could be dressed in a garment knitted with hand-dyed wool. 

In 2022, a monthly subscription called Mini Sewing Club was born, a project close to my heart in which I put all my energy. Each month members received a pattern to sew a mini companion as well as the materials to make the plush toy. It was an exercise in creation, to release an original, thematic and friendly pattern so frequently. The project was accompanied by a secret blog where you could find free patterns, tutorials and practical advice. Several posts have been recycled for the new blog, and you will soon be able to find the “à la carte” Mini Sewing Club patterns.

The last year saw the birth of an addition collection to the mini plush pattern: number 2 of the series with which you can sew a pig, a bird and a frog. The capsule wardrobe is one of my favorite additions, because if there's anything cuter than a mini bunny it's a mini bunny in overalls. 

Special mention for the latest ones which are non-collectible but just as cute: Fernand the ghost, the furry bear and the animal-shaped Christmas balls. These three models have pictorial instructions instead of the graphics of the first ones. It's a new way of publishing patterns that requires less time and therefore allows me to create even more models. My opinion is also that this does not affect the quality of the instructions, I always try to make each step clear and simple.

in the future

I have a lot of ideas, there really is never a shortage. I started the year with a rough plan of what I wanted to do, and that invariably included miniature objects. I started fabric furniture last year and although I haven't perfected my pattern yet, I'm going to work on it until it's ready to share. I'm also planning several other mini plush clothing patterns, and possibly at least one capsule for baby animals. An idea that's also floating around in my head is puppets, but that's nothing guaranteed. If you dream of a pattern, you can always contact me with your idea and if it resonates with me I could develop it.

in conclusion

Well it was meant to be a bio and now it's a meter long ;)

My name is Dominique, by day I work at raplapla where I am chief surgeon of the hospital for fabric companions, in the evening I develop ultra cute sewing patterns to help you sew the doll of your dreams.  Whether as a gift to a little one or for an adult with a kind heart, I firmly believe that there is no age to enjoy making, cuddling, dressing or admiring a soft toy.

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