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Recommended Age

The sewing projects proposed here are recommended for 12 years old and up. A younger child with sewing experience and/or patience will be able to sew these characters, with the help of an adult.
This being said, I encourage you to take the time to make this project with a child. Let them choose the fabrics and help when possible. Find some good fabric glue and they can decorate a dress, or even better you can teach them basic sewing skills. I promise the doll made this way will be more precious, not because of its final look but because of the time spent together to make it.

Dansereau creates pattern for the fun of creating with two hands. The finish object isn't recommended for a child. In the case where children will manipulate the product, it is recommended to solidly sew it with a sewing machine. Replace the small pieces like the buttons by velcro and omit pieces that represent a choking hazard. Dansereau can not be held responsible for the security of the products made with its patterns and cautions for vigilance and common sense above all.

This pattern must be used for personal use only. Can not in any way be resold or used to make products to sell.

I do encourage you to make as many as you like to keep or give as gifts. 
To talk about licensing write to

For questions regarding the safety of your doll, write-me.

Permitted usage
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