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Oh how I love vintage teddy bears. I’m lucky enough to have a job that lets me play with all sorts of old teddy bears (I’m a plushie doctor by day). My favorites are always the ones from the 70s. They’ve got particular faces, sort of cartoonish. And tongues, such cute tongues.


This pattern is very simple in design making the face the best feature. So take extra care choosing the colors of your felt, and assembling the face. The rest will be done in a flash.


The level of difficulty is easy, adequate for adventurous beginners. the difficulty lies in the fabric so you can practice with a less scary fabric before you jump in, like a classic minky fleece.

This pattern can be sewn by hand or by machine, but I do recommend the use of the machine for the bear.

Just have fun, sew with intention and joy.


This pattern includes materials and tools recommendations, 4 pages of steps illustrated with 24 pictures and text, a hand stitches guide, a lexicon and 3 pages of ready to print pattern.


Instant download, once you complete your purchase you will have access to the pattern and can start your project immediately.

You will need basic sewing tools. You also need faux fur, felt fabric and polyfill.

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