a tiny project full of love

great project to recycle some sweaters

save and reuse wool sweaters

to sew super soft objects

chapeau dansereau 13.jpg

round or pointy

to better cover

your friend's head

starting with the shirt pattern

a fast sew,

a must for every doll wardrobe

pattern and video

follow these simple steps to make your own little fuzzy bear for someone you love

simple and classic

all the steps in photo to help you make the pants with the pattern provided with the doll pattern

paper dolls

a dream this large selection odpaper dolls, to print, color,cut and play, or any aother creative project you might have

coloring pages

for all ages, without judgement, for the pleasure of putting color in your life

gingerbread man

an adorable gingerbread man to sew and decorate as you wish


for your fabric friends

the pattern and instructions to sew a sleeping bag for your doll or animal

in a pouch

a project to sew for Easter (or any other day really))


most comfy piece of clothing for your doll or animal

sewn in an old t-shirt in a couple of easy steps


tips and ideas

to sew a doll full of personality with what you have in your house

draw a plush with crayons

a fun technique with lots of creative possibilities


little felt teddy bear

Perfect pattern for beginners. Cut out in felt, and sew all around with a whip stitch for an easy  project.


doll, cat, bunny or teddy

to get inspired and download the pattern for free, it's this way

embroidering a face

if embroidery is new to you, here's a video I hope will help, don't forget to have fun and that beauty lies with the imperfections

poupee-dansereau-visage alternatif 2.jpg

simplified face

try out the simplified face guide, its easier to realize but just as adorable