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Maddy's collection

a bunny plushie in a sleeping bag
The first Maddy the bunny made in 2020

Maddy was born on April 10, 2020 at the very beginning of Covid. I was at home, helpless and aimless. Developing a pattern to share for free became obvious. The objective was to create a simple and accessible pattern that required few materials and even less knowledge. Its success is still grandiose 4 years later, being the most downloaded pattern in the collection - of course the fact that it is still free helps 😉. Two years later, in February 2022, I finally launched the rest of the collection: Jojo the elephant, Réal the monkey, Béatrice the sheep, George the dog and Oliver the chick. Maddy needed friends, it's that simple.

What's coming

When I planned my year 2024 one of the first things on the list was a capsule wardrobe for Maddy and co. Then when I started working on it, I had the inspiration to create new characters. I made a few sketches and presto, a first version of the pattern. I'm now working on laying out the instructions and taking millions of photos to guide you through the making. The plan for this launch is also to support it with blog posts and videos. Everything to help you make an adorable plush toy.

a cat plushie with embroidered features and whiskers
The first new model - a cat

6 or 7 new animals are coming: a cat, a mouse, a panda, a capybara, a sloth, an otter and a frog. The final number depends on the result of my prototypes, sometimes the model does not come out well enough to see the light of day. I also have other animals in mind, really the list could be long. You have to make choices in life.

a monkey plushie wearing pants ans a vest on a brick wall
Réal in the first fitting of the pants and vest

The capsule wardrobe will look a bit like the one for the mini stuffed animals. Some pieces will be more complete with, for example, a closing system. The pieces included in the pattern will be the sweater, scarf, vest, hat, shoulder bag, pants, skirt, dress and overalls.

I also dream of a small bag that an animal could fit in, with a hole for its face. THE ideal bag to carry your friend EVERYWHERE. But it's still just an idea, and I already have a lot of work to do with all these new features. So we'll see.

A new image

Like all newer patterns, these will have picture instructions instead of graphics. The graphics took a long time to create, which slowed down my creative flow. With images I have a lot more freedom and I think it's just as clear.

The rebranding also includes the new name of the collection “emotional support animals”. The idea is to carry the plush toy in a pocket, a bag or place it on a desk so that it goes wherever you need it. Whether in times of joy or sadness, stress or when the world seems like it's just too much, these animals are there to comfort. Hold tight, they will always be there for you, to listen to you, reassure you, support you. Their presence should help you get through the bad times and appreciate the good ones.

All their power comes from the intention that goes into sewing and offering them. Infuse them with love and they will return it to you.

Options to customize

buttocks of a plushie toy
butt cheeks!!

The instructions will also include a ton of ideas for customizing your stuffed animal to the max. More details on face embroidery, fun additions and ideas for decorating your friend. One of my favorite new features is the addition of a belly button and butt! It only takes a piece of embroidery floss and a needle to create a cute behind for your friend. And what more can I say about the mustaches but 😸. In addition to some images and text to guide you in carrying out these details in the instructions, you will find videos right here on the blog.

My hope is that you will find inspiration there to create an emotional support animal of your own, a companion worthy of the name.

When, where and how much?

All very good questions. I don't know exactly when everything will be ready for launch, I'm even considering looking for testers for the first pattern ready - the cat. As many of the instructions will be the same for several models testing the simplest first would allow me to make corrections only once. I could also know from the start if certain things are incomprehensible. Being all alone developing my patterns, I sometimes lack a second perspective or an external eye. If necessary I will make the announcement for the testers through my newsletter (and Instagram).

The patterns will be available here and on my etsy shop once they are ready. I'm thinking of doing the launch when all the new designs are finished, as well as the clothes. Once the launch is done I will tackle the old models to update them.

The price should remain similar to now, i.e. $5 per pattern with a special offer for multiple purchases.

Basically, stay tuned by subscribing to the newsletter. If you haven't already, it's here. You'll even get Maddy's pattern for free.

Talk soon,



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