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The famous paper dolls

the Li'l miss paper doll, my favorite when I was little
Li'l miss was her name

When I was little I played a lot with paper dolls. We had some more vintage ones, but my favorite had an incredible 90s look (to be fair it was the 90s 😋). She had been based on a real plastic doll, she had a colored hair strand and wavy hair. I adored her.

We also had a fantastic series that my mother had created based on trolls. I'll have to find a photo. One of our favorite games was to make them new clothes, we even created paper sleeping bags for them.

So it was inevitable when I started my stuffed toy company formally known as Rousskine that I was going to create some paper dolls. Now that I have retired Rousskine, it gives me great pleasure to offer these paper dolls for free.

For a “screen-free” moment, here is my paper doll collection. To print, color - or not - and cut out, then finally to play. Stick the clothes on magnet sheets and play on the fridge or use the characters for a fantastic craft.

Download PDF files by clicking the buttons. Print the characters on cardboard and the clothes on paper or cardboard.

Have fun,


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