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Maddy the bunny

I present to you Maddy the bunny, it's a pattern that you can download for free by subscribing to my newsletter. Perfect for little hands, she's a baby rabbit who loves to sleep in her pouch. Babies can be sewn with leftover fabric, are very quick and easy to sew, and lend themselves very well to personalization

Maddy the rabbit sleeping in her pouch, a free sewing pattern.

Everything is included in the pattern: the list of materials, the instructions and the pattern. The model is very simple and inspired by the pattern of tiny plushies . As for the pouch, it can be sewn in a few minutes. Watch out, you might want to make some for everyone!

Maddy is part of a collection which also includes George the dog, Béatrice the sheep, Jojo the elephant, Réal the monkey and Oliver the chick, each one cuter than the last.

all the baby animals that can be sewn with dansereau patterns

Maddy the Bunny can be sewn in a myriad of fabrics. Choose something not too thick to be able to turn it over, but not too loose so that the stuffing stays inside. This is once again the perfect time to collect, a t-shirt, a hoodie, a shirt, a sheet, almost any home textile will do.

To receive Maddy's pattern for free, subscribe to the newsletter. I promise, I won't send too many messages.

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