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Welcome to all, experienced seamstress or beginner, incomparable maker, curious soul,

textiles and soft objects passionate and creator of happiness.


Dansereau is a place where fans of tiny sewing can meet. Here we like to sew rag dolls and soft endearing characters. Dansereau patterns can help you sew the doll of your dreams, whether it's for a little one or for an adult young at heart. I firmly believe that there is no age to enjoy making, cuddling, dressing or admiring a rag doll.


It's also a haberdashery that fills up slowly, and it's not over yet. Led by my great love of tools, I offer my favorites, the supra-practical-that-will-make-you-wonder-how-you-lived-without-it and objects specially designed by me. There's also materials for making dolls, a bit of fabric, fill, wool and buttons, almost everything you need to make a Dansereau toy.


So go, no more excuses, let's sew!

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