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Hand drawn toys

Ever since I found out you could melt crayons on fabric for a permanent print, I've been dreaming up ways to use thus technique. Here's a simple tutorial to help you make a 100% personalized plushie.

With the same technique, you can personalize clothing!

  1. choose a light color fabirc and draw with crayons

  2. cover with a paper towel and iron until the paper is clean

  3. cut at 5 mm all around your drawing 

  4. pin right side facing with another fabric

  5. sew all around at 5 mm leaving an opening of 3 to 5 cm

  6. cut the excess fabric and notch where needed

  7. turn your plush inside out, push the seams between your fingers

  8. fill it

  9. close the opening

  10. there you go!

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