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Elf clothing

The elf seems like a new must-have to have at home during the holiday season. If you don't have yours yet or if you want a less commercial elf, with more heart, here are some clothes to transform Bernadette into an elf.

The hat and jacket are made of felt and require very little sewing. Together they transform Bernadette or any other doll similar in size into an elf. Try them on one of the baby animals, you won't regret it.

I designed the dress to be sewn in a lightweight woven fabric (like quilting cotton). You can even choose 2 different colored fabrics and make a reversible dress. No time to mess around with sewing and finishing? Cut it out of felt following the dotted line at the top and bottom (leave the seam allowance on the back). Assemble the back, add your straps and voilà a rapido presto dress.

Video instructions are coming soon!

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