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Welcome to the Tini Sewing Club

It came to me like a flash, all of a sudden I knew what was next: a sewing club. The "tiny" is the icing on the cake, because we all know that I love small things.

And here you are now, among the members of the club. Thanks!

In this secret blog you will find a panoply of references to help you when sewing mini projects, extras, discount coupons and hopefully, one day, a real community of mini sewing enthusiasts.

Here is my first piece of advice: Don't be shy. If you need help or you have questions, write to me and I will be happy to answer you - it may even allow me to answer others who are asking the same question with a blog post. But also don't be shy to undertake projects, try things, create and offer items sewn with your two hands proudly.


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