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September : meet Camille

Camille is a delicate butterfly. Discreet in the choice of colors, all the emphasis is on the detailled wings. I went for a simple black thread embroidery design, but it's time to have fun. See below for beautiful inspirations, get out your embroidery floss and create a butterfly worthy of its name.

To be quite frank, I had a lack of inspiration for this month. I juggled the release of new permanent patterns, and I told myself until the last minute that I was going to have a genius idea that would appear as if by magic (uh yes it happens to me, I'm that lucky😁) . But nothing, and the deadline for me to prepare everything in time was approaching way too quickly. It was my boyfriend and my cat who had the genius idea. My boyfriend watched our cat watching a white butterfly very carefully. I thought for a few hours about what I wanted my butterfly to look like before getting my sample right the first time. All's well that ends well.

Some ideas

I pinned some beautiful butterflies to my club pinterest board. You can go visit it if you lack inspiration at one time or another. I really like the idea of layering fabrics, I think I'll try that for my next one.


Camille is the perfect project to play with textiles. I would even go so far as to say "carte blanche". A thick fabric can be a little more difficult to handle, but it could work if you sew it by hand wrong sides together, without having to flip it afterwards. Why not try a layer of tulle or lace over the wing fabric? Or even a patchwork?

In the kit, I went for simplicity and delicacy. After all the muse of this pattern was all white. Camille's body fabric included in the kit is a black, reversible double knit. You can play with different prints either lines or polka dots. The fabric for the wings is an Italian cotton linen in a pink so pale it's almost white.

You will also need some batting, a little bit of stuffing, embroidery floss for the eyes and the antennae.

Next month

October's pattern has been decided for a year now. I developped it first thinking I could launch the club sooner. Can't wait to share it! October is also my favorite month, because I love autumn (it's also the month of my birthday but that's not an important detail 😉).

Happy sewing,


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