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Pattern #6 : the face

I did some tests when I developed Estelle's pattern and I came to the conclusion that sewing thread was perfect for making her face. That said, if you prefer embroidery floss it can also work if you use a single strand.

I also made the decision not to include a face guide. It's time to learn to play a little with the different possible looks. To do this you will need two dark colored ball pins and one red or orange. Then play with them poking in the ball in the center until you find a combination that you like. I often like when the nose and the eyes are almost at the same height, and rather centered. You will find that face height and spacing change the look a lot, even in such a small area.

Once you are satisfied you can mark the location with a fabric marker that air or steam disappears or leave the pins in place and start your embroidery.

Here is a video to help you and give you ideas.

So, what does your flower look like?

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