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Pattern #5 : the steps

Instead of making a very long video this time I decided to take pictures. Hope this helps when my drawings are less clear.

First steps: cut out all the pieces and sew the limbs.

Clip little Vs in the curves then turn the pieces over.

Fill the arms, leave the ears empty.

Sew the neck, the front and back. Open the seams then "pre-sew" the ears, arms and tag.

Pin the back and the front. Little trick, leave an arm outside so that it is less thick. When you sew all the way around, stop just before the arm and tuck it in, pushing the first arm into the head. Don't forget to leave an opening.

Clip small V in the curves.

Clip the neck and between the legs.

To flip Lulu, grab one arm then pull gently. Everything else should come out with a bit of pushing and pulling. If you have trouble flipping your legs, visit the blog post on the subject. Roll the seams between your fingers to properly place the curves.

Fill Lulu.

Then close the opening.

Would Lulu like a tail? Cut out a small circle and sew long stitches. Pull the thread and inserting a little bit of stuffing. Create a ball by pulling the string as far as it will go and crossing it a few times to close the hole.

Pin the tail to Lulu's back and secure it in place with a ladder stitch.

Et voilà, c'est fini 🐰!

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