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Pattern #3 : playing with crayons

I very often do research, I love learning new techniques, exploring different ways of doing things. A few years ago I discovered that you could permanently color textiles with wax crayons. The look is quite childish, but then that is totally up my alley. I explored projects of all kinds with this technique and did lots of tests and this is what I learned.

A plain pale cotton is the best canvas for the crayons. I like a slightly textured natural cotton so that you can see the pencil marks clearly. Placing it in an embroidery hoop helps a lot, it stabilizes the fabric and allows you to draw better. Once your design is complete, heat up your iron and place a sheet of paper towel between your design and the iron. Repeat with another sheet of paper or until the paper stays clean. And now your drawing is fixed and permanent.

I prepared 2 small demo videos. You can also see more ideas in the freebie section.

I want to see what you make with this technique!

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