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Pattern #3 : House appliqué

It's no longer a secret, I love making appliqués. It's a simple technique that allows for maximum customization. I often favor fabrics that don't fray out of laziness but sometimes a nice weave is what the project requires.

Here are some examples found on Pinterest of colorful woven appliqués.

(source : floral appliqué via It's all in the stitch , house appliqué via Least little thing , geometric appliqué via Frond )

The mini house pattern is perfect to start with, straight lines being less difficult to achieve. For this example I sewed with the machine with a white thread so that you can see well. In real life, if I applied a small house on a garment or a pillow I would choose a thread of the same color as my fabric, or I would make an ladder stitch by hand.

So here is how I made this appliqué.

1- Cut out the "body" of the mini house once and the roof once.

2- Sew the them, right sides together at 5 mm.

3- With an iron, open the seam so that it is flat.

4- Then press all sides 5 mm inwards (video that follows).

5- Pin the house to the place of your choice.

6- Sew all around.

7- And that's it!

Have fun,

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