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Pattern#3 : a house buddy

December flew by like a shooting star - very quickly but beautifully. Like every year, I spend my January reflecting on the past year, making plans for this one and putting ideas on paper, while staying warm in pajamas in my house. As much as December is a month of excess, January is one of reflection and slowing down.

That said, one thing is certain: I will spend most of my time this year on the Tiny Sewing Club. So I'm working on this months blog post to accompany the tiny house including some tutorials and a video to help you sew this project.

This project is a little more meticulous than the previous one. It incorporates the appliqué technique we just saw and a bit of embroidery. The limbs are tiny, and therefore more delicate to sew and turn. Refer to the blog posts on these techniques to help you, and a video will be published in a few days to help you in the making.

You can also very well omit the arms and the boots to sew a small house pillow more quickly. If you have fabric paint, you can also save sewing time by painting his face.

What can you do with it?

Some other ideas for your mini houses:

- Fill it with rice or seeds and add a few drops of essential oils for an adorable sweet smelling pillow

- Don't pad it at all to make an amazing coaster

- Transform the roof to make a small pouch (a post is coming)

- Use the pattern as an appliqué (a post is coming)

- Sew a white house and decorate it with crayons (a post is coming)

Which fabric should you choose?

The mini house is made with 5 different fabrics. Here is my list of suggestions which as always does not prevent experimentation.

For the body and arms: I recommend the classic cotton quilt. I know it's nothing exciting but it's available everywhere, holds up well and is easy to handle. For the kit, I chose a light one with a tone-on-tone pattern to leave as much room as possible for the other details. If you choose a print, go for a small pattern so that you can see it despite the appliqués. The body can also be made of linen, or viscose, anything that has a bit of hold and isn't too thick. The arms are so small that too thick a fabric will make them impossible to turn over.

For the roof: in the kit I included a medium weight denim. I love denim and don't often get the chance to choose it for toys. it is a fabric that I find rich in texture and color. The roof fabric may be a little thicker than the body or boot fabric. Again don't choose anything too thick because it's a bit small and therefore will be more difficult to flip. It can be fun to take a fabric with a pattern or with an interesting texture.

For the boots: what will make the most beautiful boots is a knit. Choose one that your machine will sew, usually something that doesn't contain too much spandex. I've included a double knit in the kit (like a thin rib), it's a fabric that holds up well but has a bit of stretch. Other good options would be heavy jersey, rib, ponte.

For eyes: My favorite choice for appliqué eyes is faux leather (vinyl). I find that this material makes clean and clear lines, a defined look. Felt or a knit that don't fray (ponte, cotton cotton) would do just as well. Finally, almost any fabric can do the look you want, even a classic cotton canvas if you like the frayed look.

A chimney?

I opted for a "chimney" with the famous sewing club label. If you are not an Ultime member, you can replace it with another label like this or this one. I also have a pinterest board full of ideas for making your own labels. But basically, a simple ribbon about 1cm wide will be fine for this project.

Is this the end?

For many of you this is the last month of your subscription (snif). Of course I would be very happy if you re-register. But above all I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking a chance with this new project. I guess it was a bit fuzzy at first and what you received wasn't necessarily what you had in mind. I hope you enjoyed the adventure and that there weren't too many disappointments. If you have any comments, advice or pointer to give about the club, I invite you to share them with me by email ( or in the comments below. I will seriously listen to everything and try to improve myself.

If you want to continue for another 3 months (believe me I'm preparing an extra cute pattern for February), the Ultime 3-month subscription is on sale until January 20th. This is my way of saying thank you for your trust, your participation and your passion.

Thank you and happy sewing,

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