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Pattern #2 : the ornaments

Christmas is right around the corner - seriously with my pace in December it's like blinking and presto it's New Year's Eve. Pattern #2 has left my studio, but it probably hasn't arrived yet. And I don't know if you're dying to sew thematic things, but I sure am in a holiday mood. So this month, a free pattern even before the project of the month: ornaments. There's a slew of free projects you can find on pinterest, like these adorable ones from But here's my version of an ornament that's not too Christmasy and therefore can be used for other occasions - you could make an amazing mobile out of it. Or make several and hang them in front of a window for the winter. A garland? why not. 🤩

For this project I went as simple as possible, you don'teven need to flip these inside out. You can paint faces, or embroider them, or just make plain stars and moons. Try all kinds of fabrics, there's no bad idea here. I sewed my samples with a fabric that frays because I like the look, for something cleaner choose a low-fraying knit or a felt. These are simple in shape and easy to sew, perfect for teaching younger children to sew.

ornement patron
Download PDF • 406KB

So without more, here are the few steps to carry out the project.

Print and cut out the pattern pieces. With a pin or an awl mark the eyes and nose. Then trace your ornament on the right side of your fabric, don't forget to mark the face.

Create a face for your star or moon. You can paint it like for the doll or embroider some quick stitches.

To make cheeks, you can use blush and a brush (uh yes this drawing represents a blush and a brush 😉).

Then place your front piece over a back piece of fabric, wrong sides facing. Then sew all around, 5 mm inside the line drawn at the beginning. Leave an opening between the 2 notches. And cut your ornament on the line.

Stuff your star or moon through the hole. Make sure to place stuffing in every corner to make the corners look nice. Close the opening by hand or machine with a straight stitch. Then with an embroidery floss and a large needle attach a small loop.

That's all! Now it's time to make one, then two, then many more.

And keep an eye on your mailbox ❤

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