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Pattern #2 : the micro Christmas stocking

Here it is, the micro Christmas stocking. I hope no one will blame me for not making a stuffed object this time. As I wrote in my letter that accompanies the pattern, the little Christmas stockings are very precious to me and I wanted to share it. That said, I have a few surprises in store for you right here on the secret blog that I hope will satisfy your desire for festive sewing. Did you see the ornements post shared earlier this month?

December is always a big month for me, I sew a lot of gifts in addition to working hard at my day job and for my own company. You can imagine that the world of toys is popular at the moment. It's like a whirlwind, but I like the balance I've discovered over the years. I learned my limits and I always like to take the time to make gifts with my two hands. I find it important not to set unrealistic goals, not to put too much on your shoulders, but also to ask for help when needed. Last year I discovered cross stitch during this time, in addition to being relaxing I was able to make little sachets that smell good for the drawers and offer them. I hope that taking the time to sew a small project will give you as much pleasure as I have in sharing it.

Well, let's get back to the subject: the micro Christmas stocking. It's perfect as a decoration for the tree, it can be used as a bag to offer a mini gift (or money) and my favorite use - it can be filled with candy and unwrapped on Christmas Eve. This pattern can also be used to make an amazing advent calendar (next year maybe).

In addition, I take this opportunity to introduce a technique that I love: the appliqué. I use it often when making toys, which means that even if you'd rather not apply anything to your stockings, you'll probably come back to it eventually.

The fabric you choose to make your stocking will greatly change its final look. I designed the pattern for medium weight fabrics. Don't use anything too thick, the stocking is too small for a nice result in a heavy fabric. I found that a minky (fluffy velvet knit) on the inside gave a nice cozy cuff and helped the stocking hold up. And a beautiful patterned cotton for the outside is perfect or something similar in weight. Again, you can experiment - collect lots of little scraps of fabric or even make it out of felt or a recycled wool sweater.

For the appliqué, I invite you to visit the post on the subject. But basically you need a fabric that doesn't fray, like a felt or a ponte-style knit.

Alright, let's get sewing?! This is only the 2nd project of the Mini sewing club, and it's only the beginning, I'm planning beautiful projects for 2023. Please let me know if there's anything you found missing until now, or something you'd like to see in the future.

Oh, before I forget, all PDF patterns are 50% off until January 1st with the code "TINYSEWINGCLUB", just for you, my club members 😉.

Happy Holidays!

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