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Pattern #2 : the giant micro stocking

Well the micro stocking is really tiny, I know. You don't get much in there, a few small candy canes and small chocolates, nothing more. So here's a bigger version - not yet a classic stocking it's small enough to be cute, big enough to hide bigger surprises. Like a whole chocolate bar or beautiful pens, things I love 😉.

It sews exactly like the little one. But here you can use a bit thicker fabrics if you want - denim would be very cool, a cable sweater that nobody wears anymore.

I sewed mine in a plaid woolen fabric that I have been hanging on to for a long time, it was perfect for this project. It will serve as gift wrapping for an exchange.

dansereau- micro bas geant
Download PDF • 166KB

Long live the Christmas parties!

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