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Pattern #1 : the tiny doll

I played with dolls a loooong time, probably later than a lot of other kids my age. And then as soon as I became an adult I got back into it, I started making fabric ones with my two hands. So the question didn't even come up when I planned the projects for the Tiny Sewing Club, the first was going to be a doll. And I still have a few surprises in store for you with the accessories I created for her.

First of all, a little inspiration. Here are some dolls that I sewed with the pattern.

You can try many different variations, test fabrics, skin colors, yarns of all kinds. Make her arms bare, embroider her face or even try different hair cut. I am also preparing a post on alternatives for the hair, different cuts but also with other materials than yarn.

Okay, so you might say "it's cool to sew tiny dolls, but I don't know what to do with them". Well, the first one you keep, it becomes your lucky charm, your pocket doll or even the one who watches over you at night. The next ones, my advice is to make them for those you love. Try to make them in their image, I have gifted many mini dolls to owners not necessarily inclined towards toys but who still cherish it to this day. The beauty of the tiny doll is that it is not a big imposition, it is very small, it does not take up too much space, easy to slide on a shelf or in a pocket. You don't need a lot of details to make it personal, a similar hair color and cut and a suit in a color that the person would wear and presto. But above all it is the intention more than the result that counts. If you think of the person when you sew your doll and put lots of love into it, the result will be incomparable.

And here is my mini me (narcissistic much?!) :P .

You can also think of making it as a decoration. An angel for the tree or a character for a mobile?

Do you know any kids who have a dollhouse?! It is very close to the classic format of miniatures and it can very well use the small furniture in the house.

Basically, life is short and if you want to sew lots of mini dolls I strongly encourage you.

Long live tiny sewing,

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