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Pattern #1 : the hair

I chose yarn hair for this model because it's super fun. Everyone has access to yarn, it can even be found at the dollar store or in a thrift store at very low prices. There are many other ways to style your doll. For more inspiration, visit my tableau pinterest board on doll aming techniques.

For the doll below, instead of stitching in the center I shifted my stitches to make a separation on the side.

This one I cut her hair much shorter, and even two strands near her face shorter.

And the latter, I placed the strands in the other direction to create a fringe.

To make hair shorter you can sew a lot of short strands individually. Or make a long fringe with the sewing machine and then attach it by hand to the back of the head.

What can in say about these graphics found on pinterest except I wish I could get my hands on the originals. Inspirational, right?

Another material I love for making doll hair is reclaimed sweaters. I did a whole post here on the subject. For the mini doll, start by cutting out a small piece and place it on her head. Mold it, use some pins to help you. Then when you're happy, start cutting them to the right shape and sew them in place with a few stitches. There is no magic formula here since it all depends on your fabric and the look you want. I made this video with felt but it's the same idea.

You can also cut and sew an oval on the back of the head. Then, cut a long strip that you separate into three. Braid it and make a small stitch at the end so that it doesn't come undone. You are now ready to attach the braid all the way around your doll's head.

No interesting sweater on hand? You can try the above techniques with felt or jersey. There are no rules here, everything is possible.

You can also make your doll a hat instead of hair. A pointed one to make an elf, or a toque for the winter, or even in the shape of a mushroom to make a garden doll!

If you have other ideas, other techniques, share them with me. I love to discover new things.

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