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Pattern #1 : the accessories

There are plenty of accessories I could design for this mini doll and counting. I decided to go simple and easy with these : a pointy hat and a skirt.

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The hat

To make the hat you just need the pattern and a piece of felt. If you don't have felt, you can try with a recycled knit or a ponte-style knit. Basically, the material must not fray too much and hold together a little. Ideally it should also stretch slightly to fit and fit on the head, especially if your doll has thick hair. That said, it could also be cute in a printed cotton and a little frayed, just enlarge the pattern a little bit.

The instructions are very simple.

Cut out the hat, sew a straight line, turn the hat over and voila.

The skirt

The skirt is also easy to sew, but it requires a little more attention to detail. You need a fairly lightweight fabric, quilt cotton style or thinner. And a little piece of elastic.

Cut out the skirt. Then sew the hem by folding twice 5 mm then make a straight stitch.

Then place an elastic the length of your doll's waist on the waist of the skirt on the wrong side. Sew straight while pulling on the elastic.

Fold the fabric so that the elastic is hidden and sew a second time by pulling on it. Close the side of the skirt and that's it.

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