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Pattern #4 : Yoyo the pug

Ok I know that not everyone loves cats as much as me (although I think my Pepe has something to melt the hearts of even the most hardened). So here is Yoyo the pug, named and created for my best friend Yoko, a little all black pug who is always super happy to see me and lets me hold her like a baby.

Basically Yoyo is sewn exactly like Pépé. Even the heart-shaped face is perfect for a pug. Its tail is a little shorter and curved and its ears are different. They have been designed to fall down, so do not fill them when stuffing the animal. Then attach them to the front with a few stitches. That's it you've sewn a little dog!

patron #4 - yoko
Download PDF • 245KB

If you choose a different fabric for the back, it's the one we'll see when the dog is finished. So you could make a caramel pug with a brown back to make it look even more like a pug. Or take a fluffier fabric for the back to make it look like it has more hairy and soft ears.

Not a pug fan? (ok I judge you a little, but to each their preferences). Extend the ears to make another type of dog. You can also transform the tail easily. Or don't make a tail for him and instead make one by tying a few strands of wool after sewing and turning your animal over. Lengthen Yoyo's body to turn her into a dachshund 😍.

One last idea and I'll let you get started in sewing. Although we are the TINY Sewing Club, sometimes it's fun to sew a real stuffed animal. Print Yoyo at 150% or 200% to make an ultra cuddly dog pillow. Since this kind of pattern doesn't include seam allowances it's super easy.

Have fun,

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