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October : meet Samuel

I am so excited to introduce this little ghost. This is the very first mini project that I developed for the club. I wanted to launch the tiny sewing club in October 2022, but preparing the project took longer than expected and so I had to put my little ghost on hold. I love it just as much as I did a year ago😍.

With Samuel, we see the return of the painted face. Each envelope contains one already made by me, but a post will come with a video to make one yourself because I hope you will want to sew more than one. You can also refer to the post written to make the doll's face, there you will find other tips for painting and embroidery.

This month I also took some videos while sewing to help you with assembly.

Fabric choice

It's easy, you only need one fabric to sew Samuel. The pattern was developed for a medium weight woven (like quilting cotton). That said, it's a simple model that could be made in many types of fabric, even in a knit like sweatshirt fleece or thick jersey. My first attempts were made in a vintage fabric handkerchief, with a very delicate floral it makes an almost romantic ghost.

The lace is optional, but I think it adds a delicate touch. Lace about 1 cm wide is ideal, and in a color matching your ghost. The label is also optional, personally it is a detail that I like a lot.

There you go, enjoy fall, it's the shortest season after all.



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