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Mimi - sleeping bag

As I mentioned before, I always sewed Mimi with a sleeping bag. Here is the pattern and the instructions to make it. If you have already sewn my mini plush pattern, you are already familiar with the model.

The pouch is very easy to sew. It's a good place to pass little scraps of fabric of all kinds. You can take 2 different colors, one for the inside and one for the outside. You can even assemble several similar small pieces of fabric and then cut out the pocket pattern.

I generally favor woven fabrics with a bit of hold, again not too thick. Quilt cotton is a good example.

The last seam to close the bag can be a hand seam with a decorative stitch or a machine zig zag with a contrasting thread. The use of lace, ribbon and tag can also take the pouch from zero to 1000.

pochette mimi - dansereau
Download PDF • 185KB

This sleeping bag is super cute and will ffit a multitude of mini companions, so it's a pattern to keep in the bank for life.

Have fun,

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