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Lorenzo - clothing

I'm in a phase, I would like to dress all the plushies in the world. So here are some easy clothes for Lorenzo. Only the bag requires sewing and by hand, so you don't even need to take out your machine. For the jacket and the scarf, all you need is scissors and presto.

BONUS - lorenzo
Download PDF • 143KB

The vest

Here is a quick and easy pattern to make. Just cut the vest in a fabric that does not fray. Felt is simply the best for this. Cut slits where indicated and try the vest on Lorenzo. Pull a little to mold the openings to the arm, and cut a little more if necessary.

The scarf

Nothing could be easier, cut the scarf out of a stretch knit that doesn't fray very much. Try it on Lorenzo then tie a knot on the back. That's it!

The bag

The bag must also be made in a fabric that frays little, I prefer felt here. Cut out the back piece and the front piece. Overlap them, aligning the bottom curve. Sew the bottom with a slip stitch. Then sew the flap, folding the top of the bag and continuing with a slip stitch. Finally, with an embroidery thread attach a strap of the right length.

More instructions

Ok, ok the instructions I just provided are very minimalistic. If you want more details, I am attaching here as a SUPER BONUS the mini capsule wardrobe pattern for the mini stuffed animals. The patterns are designed to dress up the mini cat, bear, bunny or chick that you can buy from my regular collection. The instructions are the same as for making Lorenzo's accessories.

tiny capsule wardrobe - dansereau
Download PDF • 3.23MB

Happy tiny sewing,

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