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June - Meet Mimi

A mouuuuuuuuse!

Mimi the mouse likes to pick flowers, drink flavored water in the sun and play hopscotch (beware of those little legs, she's surprising when she jumps). Her favorite color is purple, her favorite flavor is orange and her favorite time is 7 p.m.

The pattern

I cheated a bit this month, with a pattern created a long time ago under my company Rousskine. I wanted to share this pattern for a long time and I can finally do it thanks to you and the Tiny club. Below is a photo from my archives, mice sewn in 2016. As you can see, Mimi can be sewn in several colors, I even imagine a cute little pastel purple mouse.

Obviously I changed a thing or two, then made some instructions which I hope will be clear. There are a few more steps than some of the club's projects, and as always some hand finishing. The work is worth it because in the end you will have a mouse-too-cute-for-life.

The choice of fabrics

As for Lorenzo, I recommend a solid knit to sew Mimi. A sweat shirt fabric, a double knit like ponte or even fleece is ideal. A mouse made out of minky will be extra soft, you just have to be careful to emphasis the embroidery of the eyes so that you can see it. During my experiments back then, I made a series of mice in recycled cashmere sweaters , they were beautiful. The mice above are sewn in a faux suede knit and a lightly textured double knit.

For the ears and the tail, I chose a pink ponte. Again, a knit that holds up well and doesn't fray is ideal. Felt is an easy-to-find material that also makes great standing ears. For the tail, if you want, a few strands of braided wool make an adorable tail.

A sleeping bag

Originally I always sold Mimi with a cover. The pattern will be available in a few days on the blog.

Happy sewing,

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