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July - Meet Francine

Francine is an adorable lucky charm strawberry.

Carry it around to find joy and serenity. Franky to her friends; this strawberry simply likes to chill. Tell her your problems or your day, she is there for that. She is even very good at hearing you when nothing is said. Keep her close or give her to someone who might need it. The secret of Franky's magic is to sew her with love and attention.

For the project of the month of July I wanted to offer a simple pattern to sew. Because nobody wants to spend the summer behind their sewing machine, except maybe me, but I cheat by taking it out my machine on my terrace to sew while enjoying my flowers.

Francine sews well in a solid knit (just like Lorenzo and Mimi). Choose a cotton fleece, ponte or french terry to make it. None of that in red handy? Try felt or even a simple quilt style cotton. And even if it's a strawberry, it doesn't have to be red. Let your inspiration flow to sew a strawberry in any color. The two strawberries you see here were sewn with the same pattern. It is the elasticity of the fabric that gives them a different shape.

For its leaves, felt or any material that doesn't fray too much, in green, will be great. I found this wonderful boiled wool for ultimate members, it's just perfect for Francine.

I sewed one of his 2 samples entirely by hand, can you guess which one?! I would love to prepare a little video for you with all the steps to sew Francine by hand. After all, it's summer, and in my book, a project that can be done in the park is a plus.

During the month I am also preparing some surprises not to be missed.

Happy sewing,


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