Giant baby

Here's a variation of to very popular baby pattern. 120% bigger, it's easier to sew, turn inside out and fill. If like me you choose to make one in a recycled red cashmere sweater, you'll have the perfect gift for the person you love most in the world.

If you need tips on how to work with recycled sweaters visit this page. If you don't have any, almost any fabric will work for this project. For a soft baby, choose a jersey knit or french terry, or try out some minky or a plus fabric. 

The cherry on the sundae, is that I also shrunk the sleeping bag pattern so you can make one for your giant baby. What's better than a giant baby for valentines day? A giant baby in a sleeping bag!

Since I already made 2 videos that show how to sew the babies, you will have to go on their page for the instructions. If you prefer to have the details printed, download that classic baby pattern (if you haven't done it yet). The giant baby is sewn pretty much like most of my sewing patterns, by tracing the pattern on a piece of fabric, sewing on the line and then cutting all around. For the doll hair, use scraps and play around with them until you like the look. For the face, use 3 pins to decide where to embroider the eyes and nose. You can play around with the placement for different looks. (a trick shown in the teddy video - 6:50 minute in).

The instructions to sew the sleeping bag are the same as the large one, you will find them here.

Did you sew a baby? share your sewing project with the #patrondansereau or send-me an email with pictures.