Hi, my name is Dominique Dansereau, the woman behind this website and everything around it. I'm so passionate about dolls that even though I sew and repair them all day at raplapla, I come home and work on developping patterns just for you.

For as long as I can remember sewing has been a part of my life, even though I was not very good at it. With a lot of practice, and more importantly passion, I can finally say that I have mastered the art of doll making.


It is with all the knowledge that I have acquired for almost 10 years that I developed my first pattern for sale - the little rag doll. From there everything tumbled as it should, and here we are with an online store well stocked as much in pattern as in sewing material and a site filled with free tutorials. Because Dansereau's mission is above all to share know-how.

So welcome to my world, where tiny sewing enthusiasts can meet. Here we like to sew rag dolls and soft, endearing characters. Dansereau patterns can help you sew the doll of your dreams, whether it's for a little one or for an adult young at heart. I firmly believe that there is no age to enjoy making, cuddling, dressing or admiring a rag doll.

A haberdashery? Yes, it is slowly filling up, and it's not over yet. I sew almost every day, so I have a great love for my tools. The Dansereau haberdashery offers my favorites, the super-practical-you-will-ask-yourself-how-you-lived-without-it and objects specially designed by me. There's also materials for making dolls, a bit of fabric, fill, yarn and buttons, almost everything you need to make a Dansereau plush.

That's all, ready to sew a doll ?! Go go go, I believe in you!

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